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Agritech in Brazil

Opportunities for Swiss SME's in the country's driving sector

The Brazilian agribusiness market is among the largest in the world and its expansion in the latest decades was strongly linked to innovative technological improvements, allowing for production to increase with less use of land, demanding solutions to continue to rise and expand, to fulfil the country’s role in feeding the world.  Download our report to learn about the current sector’s situation, the recent developments, as well as the arising opportunities Swiss companies might be able to tackle with their unique characteristics.


The Brazilian agribusiness sector’s strength is highlighted by facts: throughout the Covid-19 crisis, it expanded, hitting a record trade balance surplus of US$ 75.5 billion in November 2020, and accounting around 20% of Brazil’s GDP.

It is widely known that Brazilian Agribusiness is and will remain one of the main drivers of the economy of the country, where it is indeed big business. During the past three decades, Brazil’s agriculture sector has grown at an impressive rate. Brazil has become the world’s leading exporter of sugarcane, soybeans, orange juice, coffee, beef, poultry and pulp. The sector’s strength and continuous development was made more evident as throughout the Covid-19 crisis, it expanded, generating 102’467 job openings from January until October 2020 and increasing export revenues by 5.7% in comparison to 2019.

But challenges remain and Brazilian farmers are entrepreneurs and businesspeople, who consistently seek innovations and productivity increase, while using the natural advantage of their production site and focusing on maintaining and increasing the level of environmental sustainability. By 2050 the world’s population will reach 9 billion and 70% of them will live in urban areas. In order to feed this larger, urban and richer population, food production must increase by 70%. Brazil intends to cover 40% of the global demand and therefore the agribusiness will remain one of the most important drivers of the economy and gain more interest and support from the central government.

Switzerland can have a vital role in helping Brazil reach these ambitious goals with the level of innovation the country can offer to a sector that is increasing its digitalization at a fast pace, demanding niche technologies with the highest level of reliability and precision.

Opportunities for Swiss SMEs in our comprehensive report

To make this enticing market more attainable, the Swiss Business Hub Brazil launched this comprehensive report with its experts providing an overview of the sector, outlining the most important trends and technological advancements, detailing challenges and particularities and also highlighting the most relevant opportunities for Swiss players. 



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