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UK: Real-world evidence in life sciences & technology sector study 2018/19

Digitalization in healthcare is gaining momentum with data aggregation in clinical trials, at point of care (PoC), and in the daily routines of patients and citizens. Here, Real-world data (RWD) and Real-world evidence (RWE) will enable better diagnosis and more precise therapeutic approaches, open new fields of application and new opportunities for industry leaders. Swiss and UK stakeholders are well positioned to create opportunities by establishing collaborations and synergies.

data incorporation

Real-world evidence (RWE) as a driver for insights into disruptive innovation
Healthcare stakeholders recognize RWE to be complementary to current clinical evidence practices, but more and more it becomes the driver for insights into disruptive innovation. In combination, both datasets enable enriched networked meta-analysis driving comparative end-point studies on products, offerings and therapeutic procedures. A broader evidence base allows better treatment stratification, determines best practice and value outcomes, leads to therapeutic standards, and enables harmonized benchmarks across healthcare systems.

In-depth overview of the transformative impact of RWD and its potential in sector study
For the past four years, Switzerland Global Enterprise and the Swiss Business Hub UK & Ireland have been investing extensive resources to explore opportunities in the digital health, bioinformatics and connected Medtech sectors. Given the outstanding innovative capabilities and expertise in Life Sciences and Artificial, cognitive and behavioural intelligence in both the United Kingdom and Switzerland, we believe that the potential for R&D and business collaboration in these domains is immense. Our aim with this study is to give you an in-depth overview of the transformative impact of RWD and its potential to open new avenues to do business in a novel way. 

How can small and medium-sized enterprises seize such opportunities?

  • How best to position your company on emerging clinical pathway opportunities and RWE next-level technologies – whether alone or in co-operation with business partners?
  • What are the best approaches in engaging in and strengthening business relationships with leading UK life sciences partners and innovative UK healthcare system network stakeholders?

In reflecting on the research provided in the study, Swiss healthcare stakeholders and business leaders may utilize the insights of early RWD/ RWE healthcare movers and shakers in their forthcoming strategic decisions.

Learn more about the following topics in our report:

  • Definitions
  • Expected impacts of RWE: Transparency in value outcomes
  • Scope for future leading innovations
  • Current challenges
  • Dynamic positioning for innovators in tomorrow’s healthcare
  • Opportunities for Swiss companies in the context of the NHS’s Data Strategy and Brexit


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