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Waste and Recycling Management in Peru

Peru is a country with boundless potential, but by its own admission it can do a better job when it comes to managing waste management and recycling. This presents an excellent opportunity for the many Swiss companies with proven expertise in this specialized field. The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Peru conducted a study of the current waste and recycling industry.

Opportunities in Waste and Recycling Management in Peru

Recycling is a global requirement for improving the environment quality and protecting people's health. In addition to generating employment, recycling paper, plastic, glass and metals, among other materials, saves raw materials that are extracted from nature and increases the landfills’ lives in cities, where every day there is less space to dispose of waste.

Most municipalities have been disposing of their garbage in unauthorized places, only 118 municipalities dispose of their garbage in a sanitary landfill. The presence of hospital waste has been detected and 75% of the municipalities do not have a plan for garbage collection routes and others are not coordinated with their solid waste management plans. What is more, 31% of municipalities do not provide safety equipment to waste collectors.

This study sheds light on the current system, business models as well as legislation, strategy and business opportunities for Swiss SMEs.


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