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How to Structure your Business in Brazil

Practical Guide for business modeling

There are many ways to do business in Brazil and for Swiss companies looking to do so, many questions may arise: Agent, distributor or local subsidiary? Check out the report provided by the Swiss Business Hub Brazil and learn about the different entry strategies in Brazil and the sophisticated tax system.


210 million inhabitants, a diversified economy and consumers demanding innovation, technology and quality products: this makes Brazil a prime spot for international companies willing to explore new markets. On the other side, all these opportunities come together with some challenges that this promising market imposes including complex taxation, bureaucratic delays and heavy and rigid labour legislation.

Report: In-depth knowledge on how to structure your business in Brazil

The guide provided by our local experts clears some of the aspects involved in important business decisions companies have to take when evaluating the entry options in Brazil. There is no magic formula or single way, it all depends on the strategy of the company, and how much it is willing to risk or to invest in the market.

This practical guide highlights the essential aspects one has to consider according to the different entry strategies: agent, distributor, joint venture or own subsidiary. Furthermore, it also explores the intricate tax system and some tools that facilitate the business dynamics in the country.


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