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Digital Healthcare Industry in India

Digital healthcare has been gaining popularity in recent years in India. Get an overview of the Indian digital healthcare market and learn about the opportunities which arise for Swiss providers in the report and webinar below.

Healthcare India

India's digital healthcare market is at a nascent stage; the gap in access to healthcare through the traditional healthcare delivery model is changing the landscape of healthcare infrastructure and revolutionizing the digital healthcare technological aspect of healthcare delivery in India.

Healthcare is one of India's largest sectors in terms of size and growth and operates predominantly on a traditional healthcare delivery model. The digital healthcare market is still at a nascent stage and contributes to only ~1.4% of the overall healthcare market. However, with fundamental customer behavior changes enacted through multiple driving factors, as explained in the report and webinar, the digital healthcare market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Report on Digital Healthcare in India

The report covers how digital healthcare delivery has been gaining popularity in recent years through aspects such as Telemedicine, mHealth, EHR/EMR systems, Healthcare Analytics, and Robot-Assisted Surgery and particulars of each aspects covering competitive landscape, value chain persistent in the industry, demand dynamics and current and emerging opportunities that prevails in each segment.  The report also talks about trends and various opportunities created on both private and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models to create accessibility, affordability and availability of healthcare to patients.

India's competitive advantage lies in its vast market size and opportunities for R&D, medical tourism, and public health systems that will drive digital health growth. There lies awaiting an ample opportunity for the Indian healthcare delivery system participants to be tapped, with several investment options in urban and rural healthcare supported by improved digital infrastructure and regulations. Digital healthcare technologies are expected to grow exponentially through rising customer education and increased demand for improved healthcare services in Tier II cities, Tier III cities, and rural India.



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