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The Brazilian cheese market - and how Swiss exporters become a part of it

Occupying 4th position in world rankings of cheese consumption, Brazil offers some opportunities for Swiss cheese producers, but requires attention with regard to regulatory demands. Get an overview of the market figures and the competitive aspects in our comprehensive report, and understand the possibilities for accessing this interesting market.


Facts about the Brazilian cheese market

There is a large variety of cheese production in Brazil reflecting the country’s diverse cultural background. Apart from the cheese traditionally developed locally, there is a range of European “inspired” cheeses that are a result of a long history of immigration by French, Dutch and Italian immigrants who brought their traditions and techniques to the country. More recently, this imported tradition has also included cheeses from the USA and the UK.

The Swiss share of the market has been decreasing in recent years due to the high price of Swiss cheese. Even when compared to European competitors, Swiss cheese can cost 2 or 3 times more, a situation that weakens the Swiss position in price-sensitive markets like Brazil.

Opportunities for Swiss SMEs

Although it might seem like a difficult market, Brazil still has plenty of opportunities for companies that would like to work in niche markets that demand premium-quality products. This is an opportunity that Swiss SMEs have when approaching the Brazilian market. As the local conditions demand that the product arrives on the market with high prices, the way to differentiate from competitors is by highlighting the product’s unique characteristics that no other local supplier can offer. The Swiss brand helps with this perception among local consumers, as the country is commonly associated with premium, superior and unique products.

Report with detailed information

In our report from our local experts at the Swiss Business Hub Brazil, we give you a detailed overview of:

  • The Brazilian cheese market
  • Most common types of cheese
  • Cheese imports and Swiss cheese in Brazil
  • Regulatory framework for exporting cheese to Brazil
  • Contact with our experts




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