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MEM sector in Turkey: Overview and opportunities

Turkey is a natural bridge between both the East-West and the North-South axes, thus creating an efficient and cost-effective hub to major markets. What are the concrete opportunities for Swiss SMEs in the MEM industry?

Golden Horn in Istanbul

Turkey offers easy access to 1.5 billion people and a combined market worth of CHF 21.5 trillion GDP in Europe, MENA, and Central Asia within a 4-hour flight radius. Multinationals are increasingly choosing Turkey as a preferred hub for manufacturing, exports, as well as management. Industrial production in Turkey increased 9 percent year-on-year in December 2020, after an 11 percent rise in November but beating forecasts of an 8.65 percent growth. It marked the seventh straight month of growth in industrial activity despite pandemic-related restrictions.

Unlike Switzerland in Turkey the term “MEM” industry is not commonly used. That is why all the information and statistic is available only for the industries “part of the MEM” – Mechanical Electrical and Metal, separately. This does not change the importance of these sectors of the industry for the Turkish economy, which is similar to the one of the MEM industries for the Swiss economy. Other strong sectors of the manufacturing industry in Turkey are food products, textile and apparel, plastic products, chemicals and chemical products.

Turkey as an attractive target market

In the last 20 years Turkey established itself as a country you definitely want to check if you search for a place for a new investment in production and a market you do not want to miss, if you search for new opportunities to present your products and increase foreign sales. There are many reasons for this. You can find them in the report, which can be downloaded below.

In-depth report: Overview of the sector and business opportunities

The report provided by the Swiss Business Hub Turkey, which can be downloaded below, contains the following contents:

Overview of the MEM sector

  • Strong subsectors with profiles and regional outlook
  • Development areas
  • Strength + weaknesses
  • Legal framework

Key figures

  • Available facts + figures about sub-sectors
  • Foreign trade analysis of each sub-sector

Major stakeholders + Key Players

  • Major stakeholders such as associations, government bodies and swiss business hub
  • Major local and foreign key players

Opportunities for Swiss companies

Success Stories

  • Example success stories of Swiss investments in the mem sector in Turkey


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