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E-commerce opportunities for Swiss companies in Mexico

Mexico represents a great opportunity for the expansion of digital commerce for Swiss companies due to the size of the market, access to more than 1 billion consumers, international agreements, and the growth of digital consumption. Are you looking to benefit? Check out our report for recommendations.

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Why e-commerce in North America has grown in rates above the international average

One of the characteristics identified in the present study before the pandemic from different sources of information is that the accelerated growth of e-commerce in Mexico is mainly due to three factors:

  1. Internet penetration in urban areas.
  2. High penetration of smartphones per capita.
  3. Privileged location as a hub and access platform to other markets.

Small and medium-sized enterprises play a key role and the speed with which they jump into these trends will be decisive, it is not as complex as companies believe, since most of them already operate on digital channels and in most cases, there is no need to make sophisticated software developments, only by taking advantage of a third-party infrastructure, technology, and channels might be suitable.

Also, leading e-commerce companies are arriving in Mexico to increase the efficiency of local markets by bringing technology, experience, good practices and taking advantage of the characteristics of the country.

The B2B companies will have an important opportunity as well as logistics distribution companies that are growing considerably after the pandemic, here the e-commerce can be favored by connecting the demand of the Mexican and US market.

Are you looking to do e-commerce in Mexico? Our report offers guidance.

The following topics are covered in the report, which can be downloaded below:

  • Introduction
  • Dynamics of e-commerce
  • Evolution of electronic commerce
  • Regulatory aspects
  • Digital buyer profile
  • Companies that driving large scale initiatives
  • Elements that speed up digital conversion
  • Hybrid business: Challenge in ecosystem evolution
  • Trends y C2C commerce
  • Market Outlook
  • Challenges of market
  • Recommendations


The report is ready for you. Click here to download (04/2021)


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