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Spain: an attractive location for expanding your fintech business?

The Spanish online financial industry grows exponentially and, during the last few years, the fintech sector emerged as a leader in the digital disruption of the financial industry. Is Spain the right market to grow your fintech business? Find out with the information from our report. 

Mann nutzt Finanzdienstleistung am Smartphone

Spain is slowly, but steadily becoming a key player in the area of digitally enhanced financial services. Every year, the market is experiencing growth, not only in terms of companies that develop fintech solutions and investment, but also in the number of users adopting new services to manage their finances.

Opportunities for Swiss companies thanks to the development of the sandbox

The Committee on Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation approved in 2020, the law for the Digital Transformation of the financial sector, which includes the development of the Sandbox. Its immediate implementation will generate new initiatives in the fintech ecosystem, facilitate access to financing, foster greater competition and reduce barriers to entry.

Swiss companies can benefit from their expertise, becoming key partners in a market in search for reliable digital solutions, in line with demands and needs of the different stakeholders. 

The market flash report, which can be downloaded below, offers an overview on the latest developments of the new Spanish fintech industry, its key players, potential business opportunities and legal regulations within Europe. In detail the following topics are covered: 
-    Fintech sector in Spain: overview, relevant companies, agents and opinion leaders
-    Market trends
-    Legal aspects: sandbox for the Spanish fintech ecosystem, data protection, etc. 
-    Business opportunities
-    Events, further links and contacts



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