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Fintech in Mexico: ecosystem, opportunities and more

Thanks to a variety of startups, incubators, growth labs and economic development agencies, the Latin American country has an ideal ecosystem for the development of fintech companies. What opportunities are there for Swiss companies on the ground?

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Mexico is positioned as the fifteenth economy in the world and the second in Latin America. Regarding the fintech ecosystem, it ranks second in the region by a number of companies, behind Brazil, surpassing the barrier of 400 fintech startups, which have increased their number by 30% in the last years, constantly integrating new companies.

It is one of the most developed countries in the region in terms of government programs to support entrepreneurs, including fintech startups.  In terms of government and oversight of this sector, the Fintech Law, an explicit, measurable and punitive regulation, has been in place since September 2018. This makes it the first in the world to develop a comprehensive framework that takes into account the different business models in a single law, including virtual assets (cryptocurrencies).

The ideal ecosystem for the expansion of your fintech business

Having the ability to create and develop startups through incubators, growth labs or business sponsors, Mexico provides an ideal ecosystem for fintech business expansion. This also shows the diversity of its economy, which has led to a balanced offer of Fintech solutions.

Learn more about the growth of the fintech sector in Mexico, regulatory aspects, fintech laws, cybersecurity, startups and trends in our report.



Report: Mexico Fintech Ecosystem 2021 (09/2021)


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