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Peru: Interesting infrastructure projects for Swiss companies

Our report provides useful insights into current and future infrastructure projects in Peru. What are the local business opportunities for Swiss and Liechtenstein companies?


Global competitiveness requires countries to be properly articulated, which argues the need for infrastructure projects to become a fundamental pillar for the growth and development of countries. This is especially important in developing economies such as Peru, a country with significant infrastructure gaps.

This panorama shows the limitations of the sector, but also the investment opportunities. Thus, the report “Infrastructure Projects in Peru” is an informative document that gathers and presents different infrastructure projects published by governmental entities in Peru.

Get a fast project overview in the executive summary and learn more about the specific projects in the areas of transportation infrastructure, public service infrastructure, productive infrastructure, energy, tourism, and government-to-government (G2G) projects in the report below.

Further, the Peru National Infrastructure Plan 2022-2025 provides insights into 72 prioritised infrastructure projects in ten economic sectors.

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