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Get ahead in the Australian Robotics and Automation sector

Robotics Automation is a significantly growing sector in Australia. In our market study we provide you with a market overview, business opportunities and key players in the sector.


Robotics Automation will continue to make inroads across a broad cross-section of industries. Contrary to popular thinking, robotics automation will create new and better work opportunities by reducing mundane, repetitive, dull, and dangerous jobs. Freeing up the labour force will facilitate the redeployment of the labour force to more highly skilled and higher-paying jobs. Reskilling workers and retraining will be important components of Australia’s ongoing transition to an automated economy. 

Business Opportunities in Australia

As highlighted in the following report, Australia’s industrial sector currently constitutes the largest application of robotics automation. This segment is dominated by global players such as ABB and KUKA who export their products to Australia and partner with distributors and systems integrators to sell, install, commission and support the solutions. Due to Australia’s currently limited manufacturing base, there are fewer opportunities in this segment.

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Market Study: Australia's Robotics and Automation sector Business Opportunities (10/2021)


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