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Australia’s Energy Management Sector: Business Opportunities

Australia has undergone a revolution in energy supply and management over the last three decades. The following report highlights the critical nature of the energy management market in Australia now and in the future.


Energy was mainly a responsibility of the state government especially for the financing, infrastructure construction, production, and distribution of both electricity and gas. Energy was, in effect, subsidised via attractive, inexpensive government interest rates.

What are the goals of energy management in Australia?

Energy management practices have also seen significant changes over the years. The focus now is on measuring, switching, and optimising consumption, being able to switch energy sources at peak periods quickly to more economic tariff rates, and optimising energy use in near or real-time. Previously, energy management practices involved ‘bolting on’ products and devices to various components behind the meter in commercial and industrial sectors to save energy and energy costs. Energy management in the domestic sector was hardly undertaken. 

Privatisation of energy infrastructure

Most of Australia’s energy infrastructure, except for Western Australia and Tasmania, has since been privatised, and the east coast has been interconnected. The result, perversely, has been significantly increased energy prices. Australia now produces some of the most expensive electricity in the world. Energy management is seen as critical in continuing to manage and optimise the use of this valuable source and newer energy sources as they come onstream.

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Market Report: Australia's Energy Management Sector (10/2021)


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