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Hydropower Development in Japan: Making the Most of Every Drop

Japan's goal to cut 46% emissions by 2030 is unveiling opportunities for both large and small hydro sites is leading to maximizing the potential of renewable supply. How can Swiss SMEs leverage these developments?


Almost all suitable sites for large or medium sized hydropower plants have already been developed in Japan. But with its new, intensified focus on low carbon power, the country is keen to squeeze every last kWh of hydropower from the system, with potential remaining for small hydro expansion, as well as refurbishment and repowering of older facilities. This is the second article of a series, providing an analysis on Japan's energy sector and business opportunities for Swiss SMEs. 

Contents of the article: 

  • Developments of the hydro market 
  • Opportunities of Small Scale Plants
  • Opportunities in AI and IoT
  • Dispatchable Green Power


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