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Opportunities for Swiss MEM Companies in Indonesia

Indonesia is an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investment in manufacturing, with monetizable growth opportunities, thanks to its young and steadily rising population, ongoing urbanisation and the roll-out of structural reforms. Today, its manufacturing sector is ranked as the 12th largest in the world. In this is report, you will learn more about how Swiss MEM companies can tap into Indonesia's promising industry.

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The time is now

Swiss companies are encouraged to start seriously looking at this most attractive growth market. The timing is right, hence use the momentum of opening and the countries desperate need to upgrade their machinery and equipment with modern and technologically advanced products or solutions. On top of that, a Free Trade Agreement (CEPA) is most likely soon in place.

Manufacturing: a strong and steadily growing sector 

Manufacturing consistently contributes around 20% to Indonesia’s GDP for the last years and its growth is only slightly behind the GDP growth at around 5%. Despite the pandemic in 2020, manufacturing still contributes 19,9% of Indonesia’s economy. This sector in 2020 absorbed around 17,5 million workforce or equal to around 14% of total workforce. Manufacturing in Indonesia is considered a strategic sector, and some policies are being released to develop a supportive business environment. 

To boost the manufacturing sector's growth even further, the Indonesian government has adopted several policy reforms, which foreign companies are expected to benefit from.

If you want to learn more about key sectors, related business opportunities, and how the mentioned policy changes enhance the business and investment climate in Indonesia, our industry report will serve as an ideal starting point. 



Opportunities for Swiss MEM Companies in Indonesia


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