Industry Report

Opportunities in the Japanese Energy Industry

The ongoing changes in Japan’s energy industry and power markets caused by the country’s drive toward a more sustainable future are creating numerous business opportunities. How can Swiss SMEs benefit from this development? 

Japanese village with solar panels

In July 2021, after a delay caused by COVID-19-related uncertainties, the Japanese government released a draft version of the 6th Basic Energy Plan outlining the country’s long-term energy strategy. This article, the first of a series, will highlight opportunities for Swiss SMEs in the Japanese energy industry. Those will then be examined in further detail in our upcoming publications.

You can expect to read more about: 

  • Japan’s Energy Transition 
  • Renewable Generation and Green Hydrogen Production
  • Power Grid and Virtual Power Plants
  • Power and Environmental Value Markets


Opportunities for Swiss SMEs in the Japanese Energy Industry (10/2021)


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