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Swiss MedTech in the Global Market

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN near Geneva generates more international media headlines on science in Switzerland, but it is the country’s medical technology industry – MedTech in short – that is the nation’s real hidden gem. From syringes to specialist imaging equipment and pacemakers to orthopedic implants, Switzerland has companies specializing in nearly all areas of MedTech.


To back this, here are some impressive statistics: 1,400 companies - the highest concentration of MedTech enterprises in Europe with 63,000 employees or 10% of the continent’s workforce in this sector; CHF 17.9 billion sales in 2019 representing 2.6% of Switzerland’s total GDP; CHF 12 billion or two-thirds destined for exports (5% of total Swiss exports); a growth rate of 6.5% (global growth rate 5 – 7%); around 10% of revenue invested in R&D (2019); the largest proportion of scientific publications; and, the most patent applications per capita worldwide.

Although all this forms an integral part of today’s Swiss MedTech ecosystem, the roots of this industry can be traced back to the latter part of the twentieth century. Blend the expertise of knife-makers in Western Switzerland, practical Bernese surgeons and the precision craftsmanship of Swiss watchmakers and you have the perfect recipe to create an innovative MedTech industry. The heritage of the watch industry laid the perfect road map because of which there are a lot of specialist technologies available in Switzerland today in micro-electronics, plastic injection, silicon technology, molding, precision components, etc. With this rich history and international reputation for precision technology expertise, Switzerland is well-poised to further R&D and production in MedTech.

Report: Swiss MedTech in the Global Market

The following report attempts to collate the varied strengths of the Swiss MedTech industry with the aim that it can be used by the Swiss Business Hub network of Switzerland Global Enterprise to identify corresponding opportunities in their respective countries to promote commercial opportunities.

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Industry Report: Swiss MedTech in the Global Market (11/2021)



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