Part of a series: "Cleantech in Argentina"
Industry Report

Cleantech Sector in Argentina

Opportunities and Challenges for Swiss Cleantech Exporters in Argentina

The Argentine cleantech market is a developing sector and thus, it demands better technologies and innovation. The country presents a rapidly growing market due to climate change commitments and the net zero national strategy. There are potential opportunities in agribusiness, water management, mining, renewable energies, and environmental services, while waste management, mobility and energy efficiency in transportation may offer opportunities at a later stage. Find out if your company has chances of entering this promising market.

Wind turbines along a road in Chubut, Argentina

This comprehensive report explores the opportunities and conditions that Swiss exporters will face in the South American country, giving a broader overview of the different cleantech subsectors, its main players and the regulatory standards companies will face in Argentina. The report identifies key Cleantech challenges in Argentina and matches them with specific Swiss Cleantech technologies, opening the way for business opportunities.

The study has been divided in two parts for better understanding, one, focusing on Swiss cleantech products that are offered in the international market (Part 1) and the other part, related to doing business in Argentina, main possibilities and challenges (Part 2). For Swiss exports, the Part 2 of the study is preferred. In addition, it is also possible to view 2 video interviews with companies operating in Cleantech in Argentina and a Factsheet with detailed information on Swiss Cleantech solutions analyzed for this study.


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