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Agritech in Mexico

Trends and business opportunities

This publication is intended to be a reference for Swiss companies wanting to enter the Mexican Agritech market. It includes information on Mexico's Agricultural and Agritech sectors, main data of the current state and trends driving change over the next 10 years. It provides insight on the Mexican Agritech business opportunities and seeks to be an initial guide for business development efforts by providing a list of key players and events in the country.

Agritech in Mexico

Agricultural Technology (Agritech, Agrotech or Agritech) is defined as the use of technologies along the entire agricultural value chain with the objective of enhancing the quality, quantity, and sustainability of food production.

Mexico is the 11th largest agricultural and fishing producer in the world and 3rd in Latin America, holding 14 Free Trade Agreements with a market of more than 1,327 million consumers in 50 countries. Mexico's main trading partners, the United States, Japan, Venezuela, Canada, and China, account for 70.8% of Mexico's total foreign exchange earnings from agri-food product sales abroad. As of June 2022, the value of Mexico's agri-food exports is the highest reported in 30 years, showing that in the post-pandemic context the agricultural sector has been very resilient. Some of the most relevant agricultural and agro-industrial products exported are, red fruits (especially blackberries), tomato, avocado, sugar cane, tequila, and malt beer.

Mexico's agriculture and their sectors in general are facing the same challenges as other countries: to produce more efficiently, to have better integration with the national and global production chains, to improve competitiveness and to produce food in a more sustainable way to guarantee food security for the entire population.

Read the report to get more information on Mexico's Agricultural and Agritech sectors and find out what opportunities are in this market for Swiss SMEs.

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Agritech in Mexico: Trends and Business Opportunities (11/2022)



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