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Selling via E-Commerce in Malaysia

According to estimates by Malaysia’s Department of Statistics, total revenue in the Malaysian e-commerce market (which includes wholesale, retail, transportation and storage sectors) amounted to CHF 242 billion) in 2021. Our report provides information on potential business opportunities and pathways for Swiss firms to sell their products in the market, both directly to end customers as well as via local importers.


E-commerce adoption rates are especially high in the Klang Valley, the area that comprises parts of the state of Selangor, as well as the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. It should be highlighted that Malaysians tend to buy fashion online, especially during major cultural events like Ramadan and Hari Raya.

Another interesting e-commerce trend witnessed during the Covid-19 pandemic has been the rising demand for vitamins and herbal supplements that help boost the immune system. Nutritional and healthcare retailers with online presence, such as Guardian, iHerb and Esyms, have experienced surges in online traffic.

Our report covers the following topics:

-    Direct and indirect listing
-    Regulatory environment
-    Logistics
-    Customs, VAT & Taxes
-    Customer Service

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E-Commerce in Malaysia


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