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Succesfully exporting food to Austria

The food industry is one of the largest and most important industries in Austria. It is one of the top 5 Austrian industries and covers more than 300 sectors. In 2021, the food industry in Austria generated a production volume of 9.4 billion euros. In our industry report, we highlight what Swiss SMEs need to consider when exporting food to their neighboring country.

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Food trends in Austria

The food industry is characterized by a variety of trends that help determine the diversity of products on the market. Some important trends are in the forefront, which have an impact on a large number of different product groups. In order to be able to optimally consider the potential of new and unknown products on the Austrian market for a large group of Swiss companies, you will find a detailed list in the report.

General and special requirements of the Austrian food market

Due to the size and diversity of the food industry in Austria, a comprehensive assessment of the industry is essential. In our report you will find detailed information on the competitive environment, regulations and guidelines, packaging and labeling, logistics and distribution, accreditations and certificates.

Key distribution channels and sales promotion

Once Swiss products have been successfully distributed in Austria, various distribution channels are available. Food retail accounts for about 55% of total sales. In addition to the traditional retail trade, there are other distribution options and partners, depending on the type of product, which are highly attractive to exporters depending on the situation. To support the sale of products which are already placed on the shelf, there are many different possibilities, whereby some laws have to be considered. Further details can be found in our report.

Individual Consultation

Contact our consultant for Austria to discuss the potential of your product or service related to the food industry in this market.


Succesfully exporting food to Austria (DE, 10/2022)


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