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Report: Infrastructure Opportunities for Swiss Companies in the USA

Applying Swiss Expertise to modernization of Infrastructure in the USA

This report matches Swiss capabilites with US infrastructure needs and funding. Find out how more than 40 Swiss companies have successfully contributed to modernization of American Infrastructure and find out how you can as well.

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In 2021 the US Congress passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) which appropriates an unprecedented US$1.2 trillion in funding across multiple sectors. This report identifies 4 main areas of Swiss competence that co-incides with new funding from the IIJA.

The report identifies over 40 Swiss Companies of all sizes who have successfully leveraged their expertise in the US and identifies the keys to success for companies looking to enter and take advantage of the funding available from the IIJA. Team Switzerland provides a robust support system to assist companies as they do business in the United States. Now more than ever is the time for Swiss companies to contribute thier skills and knowledge to maintain, modernize and invest in the future of American Infrastructure.



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