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Green Hydrogen & Ammonia

Japan's Plan for a Major new Market

In 2020 the Japanese government committed to carbon neutrality by 2050 and established hydrogen and ammonia as pillars of a new strategy to reach this environmental goal. Our report sheds light on Japan's new strategy, its recent developments and offers insight into possible business opportunities for Swiss companies. 

Hydrogen power plant

Japan is planning to buy substantial volumes of hydrogen and ammonia from overseas to mix with fossil fuels in thermal power plants and to help decarbonize heavy industries such as steel and chemical production. Mobility is another market for which the Japanese government has high hopes for hydrogen. So what is the government currently working on and which local players are involved?

In this report you can expect to read more about: 

  • The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI)'s Plan for Hydrogen in Japan
  • Hydrogen Infrastructure and Supply Chain Development
  • The Procurement and uses of Ammonia
  • The Case of Hydrogen for Mobility in Japan
  • Areas of Priority Development

This is the fourth publication within our ten-part series called "the Japanese Energy Industry".  Catch up on the already published parts of the series in the link section below.



Green Hydrogen & Ammonia: Japan's Plan for a Major new Market



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