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Waste Heat: The hidden opportunity in Japan's lost joules

Well over half of Japan’s primary energy is emitted as unutilized waste heat. This heat is produced in industrial processes, transportation, space heating and power generation – normally as a result of hydrocarbon combustion or use of electricity. Utilization of waste heat can contribute to reducing energy use and carbon emissions, so has a high priority in Japan. 

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There are opportunities in heat capture in power generation and industry, in heat management systems, as well as in improvement of waste heat utilization in factories, cogeneration, and high-efficient air conditioning / hot water supply technologies. There are also openings in application of technologies that eliminate waste heat, such as heat pumps, as well as technologies that transfer or store heat. 

In this industry report you will find detailed information on:

  • Policies & Subsidies related to heat capture
  • Japan's R&D push 
  • Types of waste heat capture

This is the seventh publication within our ten-part "the Japanese Energy Industry" series.  Catch up on the already published parts of the series in the link section below.



Waste Heat: The hidden opportunity in Japan's lost joules



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