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Digital Health and Health Tech in Canada

Canada is a prosperous and growing country. On most health indices, Canada ranks in the top or middle third of OECD member countries, and the vast majority of Canadians describe their health as "excellent or very good." However, communities are increasingly confronted with issues that are common in advanced Western cultures, such as an ageing population and a rise in the frequency of lifestyle-related diseases. 

Female doctor in white lab coat typing on laptop computer with notebook and medical stethoscope on the desk at workplace.

The Canadian medical device market is the ninth largest in the world and continues to grow. Future spending will focus on technological upgrades to healthcare infrastructure and care facilities, as well as additional clinical equipment. The strong need for further digitization in healthcare provides a fertile field for Swiss SMEs rich in intellectual property, especially for companies offering innovative solutions in data management, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, biomanufacturing and related areas.

This detailed industry report will provide you with information about:

  • The Heath Status of Canadians
  • The Public Healthcare Sector
  • Opportunities for Swiss SMEs
  • Market Entry Strategies 



Digital Health and Health Tech in Canada

Health Tech in Canada: Infographics
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