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Medtech in Peru - A growing and dynamic market

The Peruvian health market is highly dynamic and rapidly growing. Find out how demand for each market segment is evolving and learn how to deal with logistics, distribution and regulation.

Peruvian doctor

Peru’s needs in Medtech technologies are considerable and the report analyses business opportunities for Swiss SMEs in Peru focusing on eight areas:

1) Dental medicine
2) Orthopedics
3) Ophthalmology
4) In-vitro diagnostics
5) Radiology imaging
6) Surgical instruments and techniques
7) Disinfectants and sterilization
8) Hearing aids, throat.

The report clearly shows that except for hearing aids and orthopedics, the Swiss presence on the Peruvian market is still limited. Several Swiss products have nevertheless displayed a strong growth over the past years in some product categories while in other areas they are still not well represented. This points to significant business opportunities in a rapidly growing market.

The study has been divided in two parts: one, focusing on Swiss Medtech products that are offered in the international market (Part 1) and the other part, related to doing business in Peru, its main opportunities and challenges (Part 2).

Business opportunities in the Peruvian Medtech sector



Medtech in Peru, part 1 (07/2022)

Medtech in Peru, part 2 (07/2022)
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