Industry Report

Medical Technology in Uzbekistan

Significant reforms of the health care system of the Central Asian country will create important business perspectives for Swiss suppliers. Understand and access the market with our background report.

Surgery Room

Uzbekistan has managed to preserve the landscape of medical centers and hospitals established back in Soviet times. Along with this, many new modern medical facilities have been opened, especially in Tashkent. In addition, there is a significant growth in the population of Uzbekistan. The population of the country exceeded 35 million people.Significant funds are now being allocated from the state budget and from international donors to open new medical institutions, equip them with modern equipment and re-equip the former facilities.

In the near future Uzbek manufacturers are unlikely to close the gap in the pharmaceutical industry due to the technical complexity of organizing new production of modern high-tech equipment and the need for substantial costs for this. New technological equipment for modern hospitals and medical facilities is mainly imported from European countries, the USA, Japan, Korea, Russia and China.

Our expert report provides Swiss suppliers with what they need to know about

  • how public spending on healthcare works in Uzbekistan
  • the hospital and pharmacy / retail landscape
  • trends like digitilization and telemedicine
  • public procurement and the regulatory landscape including IP and data protection
  • how foreign companies can access the market, e.g. with distributors, agents or subsidiaries
  • import and localization requirements

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