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Brazil Race-to-net-Zero in Agribusiness

Learn about the business opportunities that sustainable agribusiness strategies and technologies in Brazil create for Swiss companies.

Find more information on business opportunities for Swiss companies in the Brazilian agriculture sector in our report below.

irrigation system on a field

Agriculture has a direct impact on the race towards Net Zero, and if the supply chain is not reliable, it impacts the entire process. More sustainable production systems and agricultural practices are being pursued. Sustainable agricultural practices such as direct seeding, area intensification, addition of cover crops, crop rotation, and implementing resilient systems to adapt to climate change and external impacts are key.

Brazil, due to its size, has a great contribution to this process. Brazil possesses extensive knowledge regarding carbon sequestration and climate change, surpassing mere environmental preservation. This reports show how producers are already highly aware of the necessity for sustainable practices and how Swiss companies cam profit from it.

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Race-to-net-Zero in Agribusiness (06/2023)



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