Industry Report


Identify business opportunities from various decarbonization projects following Indonesia's ambitious target in achieving net zero economy by 2060.

The report provides important information on Indonesia's ambitious goal of achieving a net-zero economy by 2060. It covers several key aspects, including: 

  • Introduction summarizing the current state of emissions and government's ambitious to reach net zero economy by 2060.
  • Breaks down the contributors to emission reduction efforts and maps out the various stakeholders involved.
  • Highlights government programs and strategies that support emission reduction, as well as key initiatives undertaken by the private sector in response to the net-zero strategies.
  • Emphasizes the business opportunities arising from the Indonesian Net Zero Strategies and addresses the key risks and challenges involved.
  • A case study that showcases a specific opportunity in decarbonizing steel production in Indonesia. 
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Indonesia has set a commendable target to achieve a net-zero economy by 2060, showcasing its commitment to combat climate change. A multitude of efforts and initiatives have been undertaken by both the Government and private sectors in pursuit of this ambitious goal. These comprehensive endeavors not only contribute to sustainable development but also create significant business opportunities, providing Swiss companies with a favorable environment to participate in and benefit from Indonesia's transition towards a net-zero economy.

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Unleashing Net Zero Business Opportunities In Indonesia (03/2023)



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