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Get ahead in the cleantech sector in Mexico

The cleantech sector in Mexico is at a developing stage. This report aims to describe the current state, focusing on relevant industrial and economic subsectors.

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Chapter 1 the objective of this report is to provide an overview of the conditions of Mexican cleantech sector and subsectors, and to identify the main opportunities to make business in the country.

Chapter 2 provides the operational definitions of cleantech, and the description of 7 relevant sectors, describing their current state in Mexico. It illustrates an overview of the sustainability-oriented sector leaders as well in the country.

Chapter 3 outlines six main drivers explaining the evolution of the cleantech sector in the next decade in Mexico, namely, (1) production and consumption, (2) trade and regional markets, (3) policy and regulation, (4) access to funding, (5) infrastructure development, and (6) technological innovation.

Chapter 4 focus on business opportunities and challenges, describes the demand of cleantech products and services, identifies key players, investors, and early adopters, and enlists the most relevant sector events in the country.

Chapter 5 contains the conclusion and provides the most important highlights for doing business in the Mexican cleantech sector.

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Cleantech in mexico: trends and business opportunities (07/2023)



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