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Unlocking Japan's sustainable food market

How Swiss exporters can seize growing opportunities and ride the food innovation trend

With this report, we offer a market overview a checklist of points for Swiss companies to consider as they plan their expansion into Japan.

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This report focuses on the current situation in Japan for sustainable food and foodtech innovation. This is a market where Swiss companies have a strong position in chocolate and cheese. There is potential to break into many other sustainable food areas in Japan for Swiss companies.

This report explains factors behind the appeal of many of the food innovations and novel products appearing in the Japan market today.

Research and innovation in Japan related to sustainable foods have been accelerating in the last 10 years. Global pressure to ensure sustainable supply chains had already been pushing Japanese companies to adjust their sourcing patterns, including in major sectors such as chocolate and coffee.

This report offers a market overview of each of these sectors and examples of key players and products. It also provides a basic road map and checklist for Swiss companies to consider as they develop their market entry plan for Japan, as well as key resources available to Swiss companies interested in the Japan market.

In this report, we look at six major areas of food innovation that have been attracting attention in the past few years.

  • Plant-based dairy
  • Plant-based meat
  • Cultivated meat
  • Edible insects
  • Algae
  • Sustainably sourced chocolate

Key Opportunities for Switzerland

Swiss companies have a variety of options for entering the Japan market, depending on their products and goals. Japan’s markets for innovative, sustainable foods are growing, but the demand is driven primarily by the products’ perceived health benefits. As this report shows, within the field of innovative and sustainable foods, there are a variety of active Japanese players looking for partners and potential suppliers. Switzerland is best positioned to take advantage of some specific channels into the Japan market. 


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Trends in foodtech and sustainable food in Japan (06/2023)



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