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The food sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Business opportunities for Swiss enterprises

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Food production Saudi Arabia

Current situation on the Saudi food market and potential for Swiss exporters

Saudi Arabia offers good business opportunities for Swiss food manufacturers as it is, for the most part, dependent on food imports to feed its population of almost 35 million. Furthermore the food market is expected to grow anually by 4% 2023-2028. This opens an excellent potential for Swiss food exporters as a large range of products can be supplied into the Saudi Arabian market, especially when it comes to fresh agricultural products such as meat, dairy products, fruit and vegetables.

Trends in the Saudi food sector

The sector has experienced a tectonic shift with the ongoing changes in Saudi society and a young population demanding novel food experiences. The  market is significantly influenced by Western food culture. Healthy food options, such as vegan/plant-based foods are becoming quite popular among consumers in Saudi Arabia.

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The food sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (10/2023)


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