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Italy renews its incentives for industry 4.0 investments

An opportunity for Swisstech companies who export in the field of smart factory

Italian companies who invest in industry 4.0 technology can get substantial incentives. A short guide about the incentive scheme might help you in your sales leads with Italian customers.

Italy renews its incentives for industry 4.0 investments

Italy likes to see its strong SME industry more digital and accelerates investments towards smart factories or what we understand under industry 4.0. Indeed, the majority of the SME's across all sectors has either postponed the investments or started with substantial delay the transformation towards smarter production processes. Since 2016, the governments' masterplan for growth offers tax incentives to support innovative investment and empowerment of skills related to the fourth industrial revolution.

The scheme has also been confirmed in 2023 and offers to exporters of Swisstech interesting opportunities in Italy, where Swiss-made technology is implemented or where most innovative solutions are required. Your potential customer might not know about the incentive program and hence our short guide gives you support in your sales leads.

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Italy: Incentives for industry 4.0 (01/23)



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