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Report: Medtech Market in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Swiss Business Hub Central Europe with its local network of partners prepared a detailed report on market specifics and business opportunities in the field of medtech in all four countries. The report is available for download free of charge for the Swiss companies. 

MedTech Report

There are in total 1’380 hospitals operating in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. The Central Europe region has been going through a major restructuring of the healthcare sector during last years. The sector has been facing substantial financial problems that caused the need of reshaping the existing structure. A major reform is being done i.a. in Slovakia, where the number of public hospitals, especially the ones with the lowest performance, will be substantially reduced.

At the same time there have been numerous investments in new facilities such as the New Generation Hospital with 700 beds in Bratislava. This new hospital which will take 43’000 m2 space is planned to be one of the most efficient hospitals in Europe and should replace at least 50% of the existing hospital beds in Bratislava. Also in Poland several new hospitals are under construction and some more in the planning phase. These investments would not be possible without substantial co-financing from the European Union.

Furthermore, what characterizes the region is the fast growth of the private healthcare sector which is much more flexible when it comes to the purchasing of the new equipment than the public one.

The total imports of medtech products into the region amounted to over 2.4 billion CHF in 2019. Especially, in case of more advanced, specialized equipment Central Europe is still dependent on imported solutions. 

If you are interested in receiving detailed information about the medtech market in Central Europe, download the report free of charge. 

This report will give you insights on:

-    structure of the healthcare system in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia
-    major local players on the local medtech  markets
-    major business opportunities in all four countries
-    trends of development, i.a. in the field of e-health, digitalization and telemedicine 
-    information on purchasing schemes 
-    sales strategies of Swiss medtech companies operating in Central Europe



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