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S-GE Market Study: The Indian Food Sector

In the past, India was relatively cautious and conservative when it came to foreign food products. That has now changed, however. Both with consumers as well as legislators.

S-GE Market Study: The Indian Food Sector

The Indian market is still quite difficult to enter, especially when it comes to food. But the attitude towards foreign foodstuffs has become a lot more liberal, which can be seen in legislation related to the import and sale of foodstuffs and drinks in India. Trade barriers are starting to disappear, however, and the demand for imported food, especially from Europe and the USA, is growing continuously. Above all in the urban centers.

The S-GE market analysis “Opportunities in the Indian Food Sector” shows what is increasingly appearing on the shop shelves and dining tables in India, what Swiss companies must be aware of when accessing the market, and what prospects India has to offer. 


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