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S-GE Market Study: Russia – Food Processing

Russia wants to become self-sufficient again. And in doing so, optimize food security throughout the country. This in turn will result in investments to the tune of billions, which Swiss providers will also be able to benefit from. 

S-GE Market Study: Russia – Food Processing

Significant emphasis is being placed on import substitution in Russia at the moment. Above all in the food sector. The focus here is on increasing productivity and creating additional capacities in food processing and agriculture.

And billions will therefore need to be invested in machines and equipment, among other things, for processing and packaging meat, milk products, vegetables and fruit. In the agricultural sector, investments are to be made primarily in livestock breeding and the optimization of soil fertility (fertilizers) and storage (qualitative and quantitative). 

Nevertheless, even if Russia is able to realize its import substitution program as planned in the food sector, the demand for foodstuffs from abroad is not expected to drop, especially in the premium sector. There will still be plenty of buyers for high-quality food products. 

The S-GE market analysis “Food Processing in Russia” highlights business opportunities for Swiss companies in relation to the optimization of capacities, competencies and quality in Russian agriculture and food processing. 


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