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S-GE Market Study: Success market Europe

The EU is the most important export market for Switzerland and, in spite of the Eurozone crisis, it is still an extremely attractive destination for Swiss SMEs. This is also borne out by a S-GE study.

S-GE Market Study: Success market Europe

With a share of 54.7% worth over CHF 100 billion, the EU is still by far the most important market for Swiss products and services. A market that still has an enormous amount of potential: last year alone, Swiss exports to the EU increased by CHF 3.6 billion. A continuing success story?

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) has commissioned its first analysis of export development in relation to the Free Trade Agreement and Bilateral Treaties between Switzerland and the EU. In addition to the special Trade Agreement with the EU, the study also throws light on other current topics connected to economic relations between Switzerland and the EU – exchange rate developments between the Euro and the Swiss Franc, for example. In terms of future collaboration with the Eurozone, this is a major aspect due to tough current conditions for export trade. 



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