Key factors in online retailing in Brazil and Mexico

The opportunities and peculiarities of two Latin American markets

E-commerce is on the rise in both Brazil and Mexico. The webinar “How to grow your online sales in Brazil and Mexico” provides insights into the current situation and the trends and opportunities of the e-commerce market in both countries.

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For companies seeking to sell their products on digital platforms, the digital sales channels of the Latin American markets offer huge potential and many opportunities. The Brazilian population are some of the top Internet users worldwide, and e-commerce is growing at double-digit rates every year. The B2C e-commerce market in Mexico is also expected to continue to post double-digit growth. The Mexican government's efforts to broaden Internet coverage are being complemented by numerous private investments.

This and much more will be discussed in the webinar. Guest speakers include Benjamin Werenfels (Consultant Latin America Switzerland Global Enterprise:

Philippe Praz (Head of Swiss Business Hub Brazil)

“The biggest challenge for foreign companies in Brazil are the prevailing laws and regulations, as well as the complex tax system.”

Cyprien Hoffet (Founder NovaTrade Brasil)

“In Brazil, ‘Boleto Bancário’ is a means of payment that is not used anywhere else in the world. This is a typical peculiarity here.”

Bruno Aloi (Deputy Head Swiss Business Hub Brazil)

“How is the Brazilian market behaving? What risks are you willing to take? These are just some of the questions you need to clarify before you enter the Brazilian market.”

Ruben Araiza Diaz (Head of Swiss Business Hub Mexico)

“The mobile e-commerce market in Mexico is expected to continue to grow, fueled in part by falling smartphone prices.”

Guillermo Armenta (Senior Partner Horizones Consulting)

“Mexico is currently struggling with the fact that Internet coverage is still very poor in certain regions.”

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