Green transition in France, Italy and Spain as an export opportunity

Green Public Procurement in Southern Europe

Southern Europe is getting greener: France, Spain and Italy are scaling up their cleantech and environmental programs and investing billions in the ecological transition toward a circular economy. Environmentally friendly public procurement is gaining in importance; the public sector is increasingly awarding projects according to green criteria. Such tenders offer Swiss cleantech companies attractive partnership opportunities. Find out more about this in our webinar recording.

Green public procurement

Southern Europe is increasingly embracing cleantech and renewable energies. France, Italy and Spain are driving forward a green and ecological transition. In order to sustainably protect the environment, they are striving to introduce smart cities and a circular economy. All three countries are investing heavily in cleantech, which offers exciting opportunities for Swiss companies.

Ecological transition in France, Italy and Spain

The authorities in France are committed to sustainable environmental and cleantech strategies and are putting increasing pressure on companies to consider the entire life cycle of their products and services. In Italy, the recently created Ministry for Ecological Transition is leading to increased investment in the cleantech sector. In addition, the economic stimulus program promotes environmentally friendly projects. In Spain, both the public and private sectors are pushing for the rapid and comprehensive development of the circular economy; the integrated national energy and climate plan provides, among other things, for a massive expansion of renewable energies and electric mobility, as well as improved water management.  

Webinar: Public tenders as an opportunity for Swiss companies

Swiss cleantech companies can benefit from the green transition in Southern Europe. Our webinar recording offers details on public procurement in France, Italy and Spain and shows what you need to bear in mind when working with state-owned enterprises.



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