Webinar: Compliance in Brazil & Double Taxation Agreement

Learn how to bring SwissMEM to Brazil with an expert overview of the mandatory machinery compliance requirements and the new Double Taxation Agreement. Find out how the DTA benefits your company and gain an understanding of the NR-12 norm.

Webinar: compliance in Brazil & Double Taxation Agreement

Our speakers explain crucial legislation for SwissMEM companies looking to expand into Brazil’s growing manufacturing sector: the NR-12 safety norm, also known as Norma Regulamentadora nº 12 or Conformidade NR-12. Learn the key aspects of the mandatory requirements and safety regulations for machinery to be transported, installed, and operated in Brazil. Learn how to gain a competitive edge by maximizing the use of existing certificates, with simplified and clear guidelines on the NR-12 norm framework.

Further, our experts explain the new Double Taxation Agreement DTA between Switzerland and Brazil, which comes into effect on January 1, 2022. Learn the advantages it brings to Swiss companies trading with Brazil and its cross-sector importance.


  • Introduction by Leticia de Sena Carita, Deputy Head of Swiss Business Hub Brazil
  • Opportunities for MEM in different sectors of the Brazilian economy - presented by Marcos José de Almeida Duarte, Mechanical & Automobile Engineer & Managing Director at Pró-Ativa
  • The NR-12 safety norm: The mandatory requirement for a machine to be transported, installed and operated in Brazil - presented by Lucas Lorenz, Mechanical and Safety Engineer & Business Development Manager at Ziel Engenharia
  • The Double Taxation Agreement explained by Leticia de Sena Carita, Deputy Head of Swiss Business Hub Brazil
  • Q&A

Watch the recording of the webinar here:


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