Roundtable: Accessing food distribution channels abroad

Industry experts discuss the latest developments in international food networks for Swiss export companies. Get a comprehensive overview of food distribution channels, purchasing habits and customer trends in the US, Brazilian and Indian markets.

Roundtable: Accessing food distribution channels abroad

This informative roundtable brought together industry specialists in the food markets of the US, Brazil and India for an insightful discussion on the latest developments in food distribution channels internationally, and market entry for Swiss and Liechtenstein-based export companies. Learn about the structure of food distribution channels, food purchasing habits and trends, and the appetite for foreign and Swiss products in each country.

What you will learn during this event for each market:

- what distribution channels look like : Brick and mortar vs e-commerce  
- who are the competitors and main players 
- customer buying behavior and cultural trends  
- profile on fine food retailers and hard discounters 
- what are the supply chains and how are they organized

International appetite for Swiss food products

The US, Brazil and India have huge food markets ripe with opportunities for Swiss and Liechtenstein-based companies. Find out the dos and don’ts and best practices for entering the market in each country, and learn how Switzerland Global Enterprise can help Swiss food suppliers to expand internationally from services such as partner search, market analyses and fact finding missions. 


  • Welcome and Introduction of the Panel - Bastien Bovy, Consultant India, Middle East & Africa, Switzerland Global Enterprise
  • Roundtable with:
    • Damian Felchlin, Food Expert USA
    • Iver Vijay, Trade Officer Swiss Business Hub India
    • Bruno Aloi, Senior Consultant Latin America
  • Part 1: Structure of the F&B distribution channel
  • Part 2: Food purchasing habits & trends
  • Part 3: Appetite for foreign and Swiss F&B products and tips to enter the market
  • Q&A

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