Webinar: Test The Waters: Plant-Based Food in South Africa

A growing consumer demand for plant-based food (proteins) are playing an increasingly vital role in modern diets around the world – South Africa being one of the hot spots for early adaption. The global market for plant-based food as meat alternatives is predicted to double in the next five years.

Plant-based meat

The plant-based food market in South Africa will be worth $74.2 billion in 2027, growing at 11.9% from 2020, according to an industry forecast by Meticulous Research institution. This trend has created an exciting opportunity for Swiss manufacturers and distributors to take advantage of the gaps in the South African market. Learn more on these aspects during the presentation of the locally conducted market analysis.

Programme (in ENG): 

  • Opening and welcome by the Embassy of Switzerland and the Swiss Business Hub Southern Africa - Daniel Schneider, SBH Southern Africa
  • Growth of the Global Plant-Based Industry - Andrin Gulich, International Business Development, Planted Foods
  • Emerging Markets and Global Buying Needs - Michelle Adelman, CEO, Infinite Foods, South Africa
  • South African Market Analysis, Sylvia Jones, Director, Lodestar Marketing Research, South Africa
  • New Technologies being utilized in alt protein production, Djurica Dejan, Area Sales Manager, Africa, Buhler, Switzerland
  • The Future Food Initiative, EPFL The École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne*
  • Round table / Panel discussion with plant-based food industry experts and buyers

Webinar: Test The Waters: Plant-Based Food in South Africa


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