Webinar: New Clean Energy Opportunities in Australia

Learn about the demand for energy efficiency technologies in the evolving Australian energy market

Australia’s energy landscape is changing rapidly in response to new climate goals, and major investment is needed in clean energy. In our on-demand webinar, discover the opportunities and challenges for Swiss SMEs in this growing sector.

Webinar: New Clean Energy Opportunities in Australia

Australia recently announced a new plan to reach net zero emissions by 2050. To meet this ambitious target, energy production in the region must change radically and quickly. 
These shifts are already underway as coal-fired power stations begin to close, some ahead of schedule. Meanwhile, the rise in rooftop solar has placed new demands on the outdated energy grid. 
Clean energy technologies urgently needed
Australia’s plan calls for massive investment in new technologies to upgrade and re-engineer the old grid system. This presents multiple opportunities for Swiss SMEs in clean energy solutions across the country.   
Learn what opportunities best suit your company in our expert panel discussion on topics such as: 

  • The main drivers of change in the region
  • Challenges specific to the Australian market
  • The support available for Swiss companies looking to enter the market

You can also download our free expert report Australia’s Energy Management Sector for a broad overview of the market.  


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