Digital Health in Germany - Improving Health Care through Digitalisation

The health care sector, more than almost any other service sector, is facing the challenges of demographic change. With the help of digitalisation, it will be possible in the future to provide more efficient and - above all - the same high level of care to all citizens. This particularly affects clinics and care centres in rural regions and care in the home environment.

Digital health

Digital health applications and solutions are increasingly becoming part of the German healthcare experience. Partially because they offer fast and convenient solutions for problems arising from capacity shortages of the traditional medical systems (like skin checking apps), or because they enhance the capabilities of doctors, medical personnel, or hospitals (like sepsis watch algorithms or A.I. diagnostics models).

However, the German healthcare market is subject to very strong regulation and the large number of stakeholders involved does not make market entry any easier. For this reason, the right access channel and the associated sales strategy is the key issue for a successful market entry.

Germany’s DiGA system tackles this issue with a model that is worth a detailed analysis. DiGA stands for Digitale Gesundheitsanwendung or Digital Health Applications in English.

Our webinar with first-hand insights from German and Swiss experts give you more knowledge about the German healthcare system and its current state in digitalisation, learn about market access for digital health applications and find out about the Swiss ecosystem and its support.

The Swiss Business Hub Germany and S-GE are organising a business mission for Swiss digital health companies in May 2024 to Germany. More information on this business mission also detailed in the webinar. 


  • The German health care system (Matthias Schwarz, CEO Healthcare Founders)
    • Nationwide initiatives for digital health care
    • How the market works, regulations (incl. DIGA), reimbursement
    • Market access
  • Labour market Germany - what interest is there in labour (e.g. software developers)
  • The Swiss ecosystem and its support services
    • Swiss Healthcare Startups (Diana Hardie, CEO)
    • Digital Health Center Bülach (Stefan Lienhard, CEO)
    • Healthcare Founders (Matthias Schwarz, CEO)
  • Digital Health Startup Tour 2024
    • Why you have to join this fact-finding-mission in May 2024 - programme, goals (Nadja Kolb, Consultant Germany / UK + Ireland at Switzerland Global Enterpreise, Ines Banhardt, Export Promotion at Swiss Business Hub)
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