This webinar provided an insight into the development of railways in Türkiye. At the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Türkiye has a strategic position for international rail transportation and particularly for the Single Market to reach newly emerging Central Asian and Middle Eastern markets.


Turkish railways in a nutshell

Being a strategic part of the long-distance Eurasian rail corridor projects that are a high priority on the agenda of governments and international railway organizations, Türkiye is one of the countries which demonstrates the highest degree of confidence in rail transportation as a solution for supporting economic and social development, since 2003. 

As part of the ancient Silk Road and the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Eurasian corridor, also known as the Middle or Trans-Caspian corridor, Türkiye offers possibilities for European cargo to reach China through its territory. As a candidate to EU, Türkiye began a swift alignment with EU transport policies and has been massively investing in its railway infrastructures since 2003; in the development of its high-speed rail system, as well as in the construction of new railway stations, the modernization of conventional and freight lines, intermodal (rail ferry) terminals, etc.


About this webinar

S-GE, SBH Türkiye, Swissrail and other partners provided a comprehensive overview of the rail market in Türkiye for key stakeholders. This involved discovering the “Solidarity” transport hub project, learning more about main trends, challenges & opportunities, and examining lessons learned together with experienced practitioners already present in the market. Our experts and business insiders shared their expertise and knowledge with you.

  • Welcome by Mehmet Yildirimli, Senior Consultant Africa, Türkiye & Israel at S-GE
  • Welcome and overview by Jean-Daniel Ruch, Ambassador of Switzerland to Turkey
  • Welcome by Andreas Haas, CEO Swissrail Industry Association
  • Presentation of Report by Claire Ahu Akdeniz, Project Director & Senior Consultant at Advantis Conseils
  • Success Story testimonial by Saim Baran, Traction Local Division Manager at ABB Elektrik Sanayi A.S.
  • Resume by Yasemin Öztürk, Head of Swiss Business Hub Türkiye
  • Closure words by Andreas Haas, CEO Swissrail Industry Association


Watch the recording of the webinar here


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