Export to Mature Markets: Opportunities, challenges, strategies

In the Swiss Business Hub Talk with three experts from the USA, Japan and the UK + Ireland, you can find out about export opportunities for Swiss SMEs in mature markets, how to enter these markets successfully, and the challenges companies need to be aware of and overcome.


In a globalized economy, Swiss exporters have more sales opportunities than ever before. Nevertheless, industrialized nations like Germany, the United Kingdom, the USA or Japan – also known as “mature markets” – continue to form the backbone of the Swiss export economy. Export success and long-term growth are far from guaranteed in mature markets, however, in spite of the generally strong purchasing power within these markets.

In the “Swiss Business Hub Talk”, the heads of the Swiss Business Hubs USA, Japan, and UK + Ireland will discuss the following topics:

  • How can you design your market entry to be successful in mature markets?
  • What challenges do mature markets pose?
  • What Swiss strengths should be emphasized when exporting to mature markets?
  • What strategic considerations must be taken into account when exporting to mature markets?
  • In which sectors are there opportunities for Swiss exporters?
  • What influence are current political uncertainties, such as Brexit or the USChina trade dispute, having on business in mature markets?

The experts

Caroline Blaser has headed up the Swiss Business Hub USA since the end of 2017. Together with her team, she supports Swiss SMEs entering the U.S. market. Thanks to many years of experience in the North American market, she has access to an extensive network in the United States.

Marieke Hood has been head of the Swiss Business Hub UK + Ireland since 2014 and thus supports Swiss companies that want to export to both countries, particularly in the innovation segments of ICT, advanced engineering and life sciences.

Claudio Mazzucchelli has been living in Asia for more than 20 years, and since September 2017 has headed up the Swiss Business Hub Japan, based in the Swiss embassy in Tokyo. Previously, Mazzucchelli managed the SBH China and the SBH Korea. He has a huge personal network and a wealth of experience in market development trends and opportunities in northeast Asia.


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