International Business Model

How to make your company fit for the export market

Do you want to take the step abroad with your SME or start-up company? Exporting beyond national borders is always an opportunity to grow as a Swiss company and gain experience. A well thought-out international business model lays the foundation for this. Our expert, Philip Morger, explains what you need to consider and how you can optimize your business model for the international market.  

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A business model for the home market increases the chances of success for any company. Ideally, you will have defined who your target group is, what products or services you will offer to your clientele, what the production of these services looks like, and how you can generate sales. However, what works for the home market does not necessarily apply abroad. Your existing concept does form the basis for an international business model. However, adjustments can often not be avoided, for example, due to other requirements in the international target destination.

From a national to international business model

Checking the functionality of your existing concept is definitely worthwhile when entering the export market. While such a check is a matter of course in most cases for manufacturing companies, the necessity applies just as much to companies with digital products, for example, in the field of software. Why? Philip Morger, Senior Consultant Internationalization Starters, explains this in our video. In it, he also tells you which areas you should pay special attention to in a check for exporting, and gives you answers to the most important questions in this regard, such as: 

  • Why you should focus on one customer group abroad if possible, and why you need to check whether the needs of international customers are different from those of Swiss customers.
  • How to reduce complexity by focusing on specific product groups.  
  • Why partners, for example in sales and logistics, often play an important role in export business, and how they can facilitate your entry into the foreign market.
  • To what extent pricing models, which are different from those in the home market, can boost your sales abroad.


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