International E-Commerce

This is how you can make it work

Online retail trade is flourishing and offers Swiss companies interesting growth opportunities. International e-commerce in particular can drive sales to a great extent, increase revenue and add value to the business. However: E-commerce needs to be learned, especially on the international stage. Our expert, Philip Morger,explains what you need to consider and how cross-border online trade can be worthwhile despite all the effort involved.  

Parcles ready for international shipping

Step by step to international e-commerce

Our expert, Philip Morger, Senior Consultant Internationalization Starters, has already supported many companies along the way to cross-border e-commerce. He knows the huge potential of international online trade, as well as its hurdles; e-commerce is not a walk in the park, but neither is it a no-brainer. A professional setup and the right partners are therefore essential when it comes to being able to generate value for your own company via international e-commerce. In the video, he explains what you need to look out for when doing business abroad. Among other things, he answers the following important questions: 

  • What conditions apply when shipping goods across national borders? Who is responsible for the delivery and when? Which are the advantages of DAP, and those of DDP? 
  • What options exist for the easy handling of returns from abroad? How can transport and customs costs be saved at the same time?
  • What must be heeded in terms of marketplaces and payment methods? And what local laws apply with regard to consumer and data protection? 
  • Why and how should the offer be advertised? 


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