Webinar recording: Central Europe - Opportunities for your Supply Chain Optimization

Have you been considering optimizing your network of buiness partners? Companies in the region of Central and Eastern Europe have a vast potential in that matter. Learn more about it in the recorded webinar.


In the post Corona time many of the Swiss companies will re-consider their global purchase network and establish a dual sourcing strategy. When it comes to near-shoring of the production from Asia, the Central Eastern European such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will play an essential role due to their geographical and cultural proximity to Switzerland as well as the relatively low wages.

The recording of the webinar will give you an actual overview on the economic situation in Central Eastern Europe, introduce you the major sourcing markets in the region and give you a first orientation as to which products could be best sourced from the CEE

Webinar topics

  • Welcome and introduction by Katalin Dreher-Hajnal, Senior Consultant, Central Eastern Europe, Switzerland Global Enterprise
  • Actual economic situation Central Eastern Europe by Michal Bronowski, Head of Swiss Business Hub Central Europe, Warsaw
  • Sourcing in Central Eastern Europe by Dr. Tomasz Gonsior, Partner, Optibuy, Warsaw



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