Procurement of goods and services from Southern and Eastern Europe

Diversification of value chains

In order to maintain the international competitiveness companies need to continuously optimize their own value chains. In the webinar we tackle the advantages and opportunities for SMEs regarding procurement of goods and services in Eastern and Southern Europe.

Watch the webinar teaser here:


The diversification of the value chain is a very huge topic, connected to various questions, starting with: Do I want to produce or process a certain product myself or do I buy it? Often the question seems to be whether one emphasizes quality or affordability, but as we see in this webinar, it doesn’t have to be. The three speakers, experts from the Switzerland Global Enterprise network, pitch the advantages of moving production to Eastern European countries, such as the Czech Republic, Poland or Bulgaria, or Italy or Spain, respectively. Finally, Erick Lokhorst from Docucom AG presents his own company’s case study in Spain.

Learn more about the advantages of outsourcing to Eastern and Southern Europe in the webinar with our experts:

  • Katalin Dreher-Hajnal, Senior Consultant Central Eastern Europe:

“When it comes to ICT it is not only about products anymore, but also about availability.”

  • Stefan Zwicki: Head of Swiss Business Hub Italy

  • Guillem Vals Garcia: Deputy Head of Swiss Business Hub Spain:

“Businesswise, Spain is a western country with a touch of Mediterranean culture.”

  • Beat Kuster, Senior Consultant Southern Europe + Benelux and Swiss Business Hubs

  • Erick Lokhorst, Senior partner, Member of the board, Docucom AG:

“Having someone from the company there has proven to be quite important.”


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